The Attitudes and Behaviors of Syrian Refugees in Light of the Corona Pandemic


  • Nadia Heasat Yarmouk University
  • Rawan Al-Qarala Yarmouk University



Corona Pandemic, Attitudes, Behaviors, The Syrian Refugees


This study aimed to identify the attitudes and behaviors of Syrian refugees in light of the Corona pandemic. The sample consisted of 195 male and female refugees from the inside and outside of Al- Zaatari refugee camp. The sample was chosen purposefully by using the descriptive analytical approach. The study reached a number of results the most important of which are the following: The number of females is greater than the number of males, and most of the refugees were 30-34 years old, and most of the sample members are married and some of them believe that touching others is a cause of infection with the Corona pandemic. The study also revealed that 68% of the refugees believed that the Corona pandemic causes psychological problems in general, and that 90% of refugees believed that the Corona pandemic increased the poverty rate. The refugees believe that wearing a mask is the way to protect individuals from the Corona pandemic, and that washing hands and sterilization is a protection from the Corona virus, and that distancing and not mixing with others, as well as the psychological state are reflected on their health. The refugees believed that most employers abandoned their employees due to the Corona pandemic. In addition, the personality of most refugees was affected by the Corona pandemic. As for the behavior of the refugees in light of the Corona pandemic, they felt depressed, distressed, fearful and anxious about the future. As for the health aspect, many refugees lost their appetite and suffered from headaches. With regard to the social aspect, family problems increased within the family, and that the number of hours of family sitting with each other increased, and the family also became close increased, and each one became aware of his needs and problems s/he suffered from.




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Heasat, N., & Al-Qarala, R. (2024). The Attitudes and Behaviors of Syrian Refugees in Light of the Corona Pandemic. Arts and Social Sciences Series, 2(4), 469–499.