Mathematics Anxiety among Jordanian Pre-Service Elementary Teachers


  • Farouq Almeqdadi Al al-Bayt University
  • Firas Alslaiti Al al-Bayt University



Mathematics, Anxiety, Pre- Service Teachers, Basic Operations


Mathematics is considered one of the most important topics people are interested in throughout the different learning stages. A lot of people all around the world face different types of difficulties such as anxiety of mathematics. The current study aimed at investigating mathematics anxiety among pre- service Jordanian elementary teachers. The sample consisted of 472 pre-service teachers who were studying in the College of Educational Sciences at Al al-Bayt University, Jordan. Those pre- service teachers were enrolled in three different majors: Elementary Teachers Program, Early Childhood Program, and Special Education Program. The researchers used the Mathematical Anxiety Scale- Short Version developed by Suinn and Winston (2003), which consisted of 29 items with 5- point Likert-type instrument. The results of the study revealed six themes where each included some of the 29 items of the scale. In general, the responses of the participants in the study showed mathematics anxiety in the following issues: Anxiety because of thinking about the exam, anxiety after taking the exam, anxiety in the form of patterns and life situations related to the four basic processes, anxiety from mathematics, concern in the form of questions on the four basic processes, concern in the form of models of life applications on the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), and taking a math test or preparing for a math test or homework.



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Almeqdadi, F., & Alslaiti, F. (2023). Mathematics Anxiety among Jordanian Pre-Service Elementary Teachers. Educational and Psychological Sciences Series, 2(3), 467–485.