Melodic Construction in Children's Songs "Toyor Al-Janna Channel as a Model"


  • Raeda Alwan Yarmouk University
  • Islam Al-Adamat Yarmouk University



Melodic Construction, Children's Songs, Toyor Aljanna Channel


This study aims to identify the melodic construction of a child's song from a specialist standpoint, as well as the characteristics of the melodic style used in these songs. The research population consists of a selection of songs from Toyor Al-Janna channel، which included (22) songs selected randomly.The researchers relied on the descriptive analytical method to prepare this study, and attempted to scientifically analyze songs in an attempt to discover the melodic building there in. The study concluded a set of results: the structure of the melodic sentences of children's songs is formulated with a mechanism that tends to rely on familiar musical scales and a simple music distribution, with melodic styles familiar to the child, which begin with a musical introduction with modern electronic instruments, and with active and simple rhythms. Most of the passages tune is concentrated in an up-and-down tonal sequence and in simple melodic jumps، repeating the tune within the child's sound space. It was clear that melodies of this age category missed the harmonic tunes for not fitting into the age category of children. The study concluded with a number of recommendations the most important of which are: the necessity of diversification of the rhythms and genres accompanying children's songs to avoid monotony and repetition, and to focus on variations in melody in the song while maintaining simplicity so that the child can perform it.



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Alwan, R., & Al-Adamat, I. (2024). Melodic Construction in Children’s Songs "Toyor Al-Janna Channel as a Model". Arts and Social Sciences Series, 2(4), 399–435.