The Role of the United Nations in Organizing the Work of the Metaverse


  • Ola Abbasi The world Islamic Sciences and Education University



Metaverse, United Nations Organization, Freedom of Opinion and Expression, The Discourse of Incitement to Terrorism


Objectives: The aim of this study is to review the role of the United Nations in organizing the work of Metaverse, as it represents the virtual reality revolution, which is part of a large scene of technological change, where it represents an indication of rapid technical development, and an important component of transformation from digital reality to augmented reality. The research highlighted the necessity of the United Nations' commitment to ensuring freedom of expression on Metaverse sites, in addition to its role in confronting the rhetoric of incitement to terrorism through Metaverse. Methodology: The study relied on the descriptive approach, as the study required the use of this approach to obtain real and adequate information about Metaverse, and the virtual technology revolution, and to study the role of the United Nations in organizing the work of Metaverse with the aim of reaching solutions to the problems raised by the research. At the end of the research, the study reached several results, the most prominent of which was the interest of the United Nations in ensuring the right to freedom of expression, and issuing many international agreements to protect and enhance freedom of contact, circulation and transferring information in the digital age, while continuing terrorist groups seeking to employ rapid technological and technical progress to expand the spread of incitement letters on terrorism, spread extremist ideas to serve their interests and agendas, and to exploit the spread of dealing through the Metaverse platform to expand the recruitment of youth through social media platforms, and to provide financial support required to implement its plans to spread panic, fear and spread chaos in society. Conclusion: The necessity of urging the concerted international efforts and encouraging cooperation among  countries  through the organs of the United Nations to maximize the optimal exploitation of the advantages of the Metaverse world, to enhance the efforts to counter terrorism and combat the spread of incitement speeches through social media, and to cause balance to ensure that the  right of freedom of speech is not eroded  which  contributes to  effective confrontation with the online challenges and the world of Metaverse.



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